Henmaq Foundation


Typical day of volunteering

Teacher at the Daycare or at the Vocational School

Being a volunteer will give you some unique experiences. You will have an early start in the morning so that you can help the children at Home to get ready for school. When they have left for School, you can have breakfast and shortly after, the children of the daycare arrive. You can help the teacher in class and serve the children porridge at 10.30h. After the break there is another class and at 12.30h you can help with the lunch. After lunch, the children play a bit and then they have their noon-rest.

When you teach at the vocational school, you start at 8.30 till 12.30h with a break at 10.30h. You start the lesson that you’ve discussed with the local staff. This can be English, French, business calculation, or computer tools like Word or Excel. Your goal is to teach them basic skills so they can more easily find jobs.

In the afternoon there is no class but there are many other things to do. It all depends on how you want to fill in your volunteering. You can help the children with their homework when they come home from School , you can also just play with the youngest ones. You can accompany children to the doctor when they are ill. There is plenty of help you can give.

You can easily walk to the internet café, making sure to be back home before dark. It is about 20 minutes to walk to the café and hopefully the power and internet are working.

On Thursdays you will go on home visits and meet some of the women that are supported by Henmaq Foundation.

On weekends you can go hiking to Mt Meru, Mt Kilimanjaro, take an extra day off and go on a safari or visit Arusha. You can also stay at the house and play with the children if you like – we always need your help.